How soon will I get to see my photos?

We know you want to see and share those images as soon as you can, thats why we will deliver two images to you electronically within 48 hours. Normally, we aim to have the rest of your digital images available within 4 weeks.

Do you retouch your images?

We believe in getting the photos as perfect as possible in the camera and prefer to deliver an image which is true to the day. You can see this in all our image galleries. We will spend time preparing each of your images to ensure consistency, colour, style and lighting. Only in exceptional circumstances do we bring an image into photoshop to 'fix' something. We want your photos to reflect your memories of the day. If you are after heavily photoshopped images, we are probably not the right studio for you.


Do you shoot film or digital?

We shoot both. The majority of our weddings and portrait sessions are shot in digital as this provides the greatest flexibility both on and after the day. Though, if you feel that you like the style of film, we would be happy to shoot a few rolls as well.

Do you provide albums, books or prints?

Yes. Photos are to be enjoyed. An album, book or print is a beautiful keepsake and we provide several different options for albums or magazines to suit your taste. We'd be happy to send you a list of available options when you book a shoot.